The research teams involved in this research project, headed by P. Schlagheck, T. Gilet, J. Martin, N. Vandewalle, and T. Bastin, bring together an interdisciplinary expertise in quantum mechanics, fluid dynamics, non-linear dynamics and statistical physics. 

Currently, the following people are actively involved in this project :

Name Research area Position E-Mail *
Peter Schlagheck Statistical quantum physics Professor
Coordinator of the project
Thierry Bastin Atomic spectroscopy and cold atom physics Professor T.Bastin
Tristan Gilet Microfluidics Professor Tristan.Gilet
John Martin Quantum optics Professor jmartin
Nicolas Vandewalle Statistical physics Professor nvandewalle
Stéphane Dorbolo Non-linear dynamics FNRS Research Associate S.Dorbolo
Maxime Hubert Non-linear dynamics PhD student maxime.hubert
Christopher Richardson Bohmian mechanics Post-Doc (2012-2104) C.Richardson
Naresh Sampara Microfluidics Post-Doc naresh.sampara
Boris Filoux Microfluidics Master student boris.filoux
Jeong-Bo Shim Wave mechanics Post-Doc jbshim
Ward Struyve Bohmian mechanics Post-Doc ward.struyve
Rémy Dubertrand Quantum mechanics Post-Doc remy.dubertrand
Loïc Tadrist Wave mechanics Post-Doc loic.tadrist

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The group of N. Vandewalle is devoted to the theoretical and experimental study of nonlinear dynamics and statistical physics on the macroscopic scale, involving, among other aspects, granular matter and fluid dynamics. T. Gilet is mainly working on phenomena involving surface tension and their applications in microtechnologies, which also involves aspects of fluid dynamics. 

The group of T. Bastin is more situated in the microscopic realm. They work on the experimental preparation and manipulation of cold atoms, as well as on the theory of quantum information and entanglement. The theoretical group of J. Martin mainly focuses on quantum optics, decoherence, and cold atom physics. The theoretical group of P. Schlagheck is mainly devoted to mesoscopic transport physics with cold atoms.

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